Zoological Garden

To finish this year, I decided to go big or go home. For my final shoot I took a trip to the Zoo. On the way there, I felt anxiety because the animals and I haven’t seen each other for so long and I didn’t know how they would approach me, i mean…how we would approach each other. They aged a little since I last saw them. Anyways they weren’t photogenic and yeah, they basically killed my vibe.

The children at the zoo were hard to control so I didn’t, also partially because my shooting partner and i were being attacked by an amish lady.

I couldn’t feel the animals but visually I could tell that they all had different textures.


Lil’ Dab of Life and Fashion

For my most newborn project, I decided to add a little dab of fashion. My ambition was to shoot a fashion story. You know a lil’ dab of fashion a lil’ dab of life. I loved doing this so much that I had two themes. One was just super exotic fashion and one was super chummy fashion snaps. I took 500+ photos and got really into it. It was really difficult to pick only a few because all of them pics were super exquisite.

The first theme represents a girl. A girl seeking the world and looking at her surroundings. I like to call this the Girl vs. World fashion shoot. I love how the girl is just all about glitz and glamour but the nature is just so simple and natural. The road sign represent a guide. Like a guide in life. Girl vs. World with guide in life.

The second theme was just such a delightful story. This is a story of two sisters spending a day together and playing outdoors. All the interactions that they have is a great great story. The symbolism of the elephant pants is so strong. Elephants travel in families, all together, just like these two young beautiful girls. Their interaction is a story that happens every single day. Maybe like a lifestyle and fashion story hybrid. So much synergy.

Voyage to the Boston

All of you know that I am so very obsessed about snapping photos of phenomenal things. Recently I took my dedication to another level and went on a journey to the one and only Boston. Boston is a dazzling city in the East coast and for you local folks, ya’ll know things get cray cray! In Boston I snapped a ton of photos that will get you head over heels!

Early in the morning, my squad and I took a speedy stroll from our academia building to the train station. We boarded the train and headed towards Boston. I hopped off at Porters square feeling a little nauseous because the supersonic train was going a little too fast for my liking. I hopped on a subway headed towards South station and when we finally reached South Station, my squad took off towards a big handful of places! I took pictures of the architecture and of the fruit man at South Station. The fruit man at South Station was a man who sold fruit for a living. He immigrated from Greece 30 years ago because just like me, He loved the United States of America. He gave my squad free fruits and told us to live while we’re young. Later in the day we witnessed a few peaceful protesters.

One primary community we visited was Chinatown. Everything was just so Chinese, I loved it. When I inserted myself into Chinatown I TBTed to my excursion to the actual China (If you do not know what i am TBTing to, you can learn more by clicking here). The two places were somewhat similar. In Chinatown I took pictures of the culture and lifestyle of the members of the community. The people living in Chinatown were very psyched up and did not allow us to take photos of them. There are so many international immigrants in the U.S of A. They come from different countries and cultures and U.S.A has become their casa, 家, домой, maison, huis, …!

Anyways my trip to the handsome city Boston was sensational and I hope you get high on my photos de Boston!

Powdering Up

Holaaa! Hey fans and followers I’m so glad to be able to communicate with you again. Just recently I took some super dope shots using Holi Powder. If you you don’t already know, Holi Powder is the powder that India uses for their spring color festivals. The word “Holi” originates from the word “Holika”, the evil sister of the demon king Hiranyakashipu. Hiranyakashibu had a son called Prahlada. One day idk what got into Holika’s mind but she tricked poor Prahlada to sit on a pyre with her. And  silly Prahlada did. Holika had a special cape on her that protected her from fire. Of course Prahlada didn’t have that cool gear. But anyways i guess Holika was too dumb to tie the cape to her and the cape ended up flying away onto Prahlada lol. So Holika got burnt to ashes and Prahlada was good as new. I guess the moral of the story is that nobody messes with Prahlada and gets away with it. But anyways, now we celebrate that evil dumb witch. Now you know the story and you don’t have to try to look at my images when you don’t even know anything about Holi. Anyway, Sadly this spring I couldn’t make it to India and I had to do a D.I.Y celebration. As you can see in the photos, everybody had a blast and the photos are very very vibrant looking.

My Fave: Sara Naomi Lewkowicz

This Woman is a new photographer that all of you should start paying attention to. She takes photos of many things that are going on in the real world. She takes photos of domestic violence but I’m not going to be showing such negativity on my blog so if you want to see the details please click here. My favorite photo is of these gentlemen sitting down and being who they are. I love the confidence that they all show. It reminds me of how everybody is starting to be able to be who they want to be.

48 Hours in a Life

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Greetings earthlings! I recently decided to take photos of my life for all of y’all to see. I captured my life every hour, for 48 hours. During these wonderful two days (Friday and Saturday), I took photos that were very significant in my day to day life.

6:28 AM and freshly awake

I woke up at 6:28 AM and my closet just so happened to be already open with the lights turned on, so I took a quick pic. This closet has is very important to me because it is my only source to day to day clothing. In other words, if I didn’t have my closet, I would be deprived of clothes.

7:28 AM

I was thirsty so I took a picture of the water bottle that I used to quench my thirst. This is my favorite water bottle with my favorite water inside. Tips to my viewers: Putting lemons in your water is a nice detox and real healthy!

8:45 AM

Its been about 2 hours since I’ve been awake and life is going good. I took a picture of my high tech mechanical pencil and some hydrogen bonds in the background. This was in bio class and I was just learning about some DNA.

9:36 AM

I was in Español class and the interaction between students was just so breath taking that I just had to take a picture. You can see that students are so focused on the person speaking. The group in the back is also so focused. Wow! This photo shows how good American education is so for the other countries that are attacking us, they can just back off. CCHS stand for C- Connecting, C- Cooperating, H- High School, S- Super Good

10:40 AM

The day was going pretty smoothly so I took a photo of my friend. The girl in the photo is very significant to me because she is my only friend.

11:32 AM

I was really sneaky and took a photo in English class. This wooden table reminds me of school. I took this photo and got on with my life.

12:47 PM

My hobby during lunch is to isolate myself in the library. I like to enter my own little world and eat my banana and apple.

1:11 PM

This is during the last block of the day. At this point in the day I’m very excited because it’s the last block and it’s just so exciting. I was eating crackers with my favorite water bottle so it was picture perfect.

2:15 PM

I love running so I like to go down to the locker room after school and change for track. This is where I change. I change in the girls locker room.

4:30 PM

Here are more lockers that are around the school. I am on my way back home to greet my family.

5:51 PM

This is my desk and the poster above perfectly reflects who I am as a person. I do all my work here with my mac.

7:12 PM

My sink is very important to me. My sink holds so much memories.

8:23 PM

I took a very enlightening shower and now it’s bed time.

10:00 AM

Rise and shine! I like to start my day off on a positive note so I stare at this beautiful sign that helps me repel all kinds of negativity throughout the day.

10:40 AM

This is where I spend my nights. As you can see, I have three sleeping gowns on my bed. I like to transition between them throughout the night.

11:27 AM

All of these books on my bookshelf are so educational and I look at them once a year.

12:53 AM

I was baking cake and I just wanted to take a picture that reflected what I was doing.

1:38 PM

Today my favorite water bottle is this water bottle from Starbucks.

2:18 PM

Again, I love running so I went running on sunday and I took a selfie.

3:20 PM

I like listening to music while doing my homework and my beats allow me to do this.

5:02 PM

Time take a nap after a long day at home!

The story behind my most beloved image <3

Dear pondering viewers! From the first look of this amazing image, you see three soldiers looking down on the insecure and vulnerable civilians of China. You see a crowd of people scrambling away from the TERRIFYING soldiers. But no no no. With your nude, naked, natural eye, you see the people of China rushing out of the underground subway station at a unnecessarily crazy fast speed. You see soldiers protecting the people because on January 1st 2015, yes New Years day, people were trampled to death due to the rush of juiced up Chininians. It is a pleasure to give ya’ll a deep understanding of my work.

Be good (My fans are amazing. Oh how you all stupefy me <333)